Current Fund

Our current offering is “Colonial Impact Fund II.” This is our largest fund to date, but it stays true to these three guiding investment principles:

  1. Focus on preservation of investor capital
  2. Provide reasonable, risk-adjusted rates of return
  3. Geographic and asset level diversification

These three principles are of paramount importance to our investors, and we are guided by them in everything we do and every decision we make.

Our view is that current market conditions still represent a historic opportunity for us as private investors to create significant value within this asset class. For example, there are still over an estimated 8,000,000 non-performing loans in the market that need to be traded.

Colonial Impact Fund II allows both US accredited investors and non-US investors to participate.

If you are either a domestic accredited investor or a foreign national seeking more information about participating in the Colonial Impact Fund II fund, please contact us here.

Historical Funds

The Principals behind Colonial Capital Management have been involved in large-scale, privately-funded discounted and distressed mortgage loan acquisitions and management for more than 35 years. Early on, these trades were funded transaction by transaction, an inherently inefficient system. Starting in 2014, driven by the need for greater efficiency with fundraising, sourcing, and asset management, we launched our first Reg D fund, “Colonial Fund 17.”

This fund, while still active although we are not currently raising new capital for it, had slightly different features and parameters and has been financially successful for our investors. Like our current offering, this early fund was rooted in a balance of non-performing (distressed) and performing note asset classes aimed to bring our investors a suitable, risk-adjusted return.

If you are an accredited investor seeking more information about Reg D note funds or who wants to know more about investing in our current offering, please contact us here.

Want to Learn More?

You may also find out more about our approach to managing the current fund by attending an upcoming informational webinar, entitled Colonial Impact Fund II Informational Webinar which is available here.

Do you want to learn more about the Fund? Click Here Now.

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