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We always strive to educate investors on the various market conditions as they relate to the distressed debt and discounted real estate secured note space. Whether we’re focused on sourcing and buying assets based on up-to-the-minute micro-market scenarios, or we’re looking at how oil or gold prices, for example, are affecting the macro-market, this is where our attention goes. We constantly seek out market intelligence by participating in industry conferences, forums and conventions around the country as well as by collaborating with other sophisticated operators within the business so that we have a better understanding and expectation of where the markets are heading.

Regularly sharing this information with our accredited investors is intended to get them comfortable with current market conditions and to increase their understanding of the ways note investments compare to traditional investment vehicles.

One of the ways we share this information is by holding exclusive VIP events for our accredited fund investors, recognizing that these investors often have different needs than other investors.

If you are one of our existing fund investors, please reach out to us here to inquire about additional education opportunities available to our VIP investors.

*For non-accredited investors associated with NoteSchool, please visit for a full list of trainings and classes, held around the country.

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