Existing Investors

For many of our investors, we have been doing business together for several years or in some cases several decades. We always look forward to communicating with our investors through webinars, VIP investor events, public educational events, and quarterly investor statements. We seek to understand what our investors’ investment objectives are and to keep them informed about offerings that may meet those objectives.

We hear from many of our investors that today, in the “sea” of investment options that exists, having someone whom you know and trust who communicates with you regularly is helpful when making decisions, particularly when it comes to that portion of one’s portfolio invested in alternative assets such as real estate and discounted real estate secured notes.

We know our existing investors demand integrity, transparency, and risk-adjusted returns. We strive continuously to provide these by communicating openly and regularly. We are always excited to share the goings-on of the fund, and we believe our approach of openness is why we get so many referrals of friends and family from our existing investors.

Want to learn more?

If you are one of our existing fund investors, please reach out to us here to inquire about additional education opportunities available to our VIP investors.

Prospective Investors

We know that accredited investors today are looking out at a “sea” of investment options. We further realize that as a sophisticated investor, you’re constantly evaluating these options in your portfolio, in both your traditional and non-traditional or “alternative” investments such as private placements and real estate secured notes.

Whether you have invested in discounted “paper” in the past or not, whether you’re new or seasoned when it comes to discounted note investing, we feel that our offering’s and opportunities are well suited to alternative real estate-related assets.

Many of Colonial Capital Management’s investors are successful small business owners, corporate executives, and other high-net-worth individuals. We also work with institutional investors, including other hedge funds, pension plans, and charities. Our investment options can be well suited for institutions that understand alternative investments that fit well within their well-balanced portfolios.

No Substitute for Experience

We have enjoyed a long history with many of our individual and institutional investors to this day. Having been in the distressed debt and discounted note space for over 35 years now, we are by no means new to this game. There are many fund opportunities available in the marketplace for the discerning investor to choose from. Knowing the experience of the fund managers plays a critical role in the long term outcome of the fund.

As a fund manager of distressed debt and discounted notes with over three decades of experience, we have gone through many major markets conditions and have in each cycle been able to find the most lucrative and profitable ways to take advantage of the market and share those opportunities with investors.

We have worked with the largest of institutional investors down to the smallest private asset sellers. We have seasoned relationships with the key players in this space and are sought after by the largest of loan traders to have us acquire their small-balance assets. These relationships are earned by years of successful transactions and by acting with integrity and transparency.

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