Trade Desk

Buying Assets from Us

If you are looking to purchase assets directly from our Fund, we have a Trade Desk that allows for this. Colonial Impact Fund II, a $100M fund, is a significant trader in the secondary market, and part of our overall model involves selling individual fund-owned assets on a one-off or small-pool basis to individual and institutional investors. If you are in the market for distressed assets, including notes and REO, for your own portfolio, or performing and re-performing notes for passive income to build for retirement, please register as an asset buyer with our partner company, Colonial Funding Group.

Selling Assets to Us

We have been in the business of buying assets for 35 years. The various funds that Colonial Capital Management operates, while having slightly different investment objectives, are all in the distressed asset and discounted loan space. As a$100M fund, we have the financial capacity, know-how and technical capability to acquire assets as small as a single loan to as large as a multi-million-dollar trade.

Whether you’re looking to selling a portion or all of your portfolio, whether you’re an individual or a large institution, we look forward to being able to work with you and identify an agreement that is mutually beneficial.

  • Performing loans
  • Re-Performing loans
  • Non-performing loans
  • 1st liens
  • Junior liens
  • Single Family
  • Multi-family
  • Small commercial


We buy throughout the United States. No trade is too big or too small. Please contact the Acquisitions Desk to discuss how we can work together.

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